Why I've done multiple rounds of the Whole 30 Program

So many people ask me when I am going to be done with the whole 30 program and to date I don’t really have an answer for them.  This month I am working towards completing my 6th round of the whole 30 program.  I have never actually done the re-introduction phase of the program.   In between each round I have tried to stay as compliant as possible with the exception of a few treats.  This may seem extreme to many people but the reality is that staying on the program has helped me stay motivated to continue to work towards my goal of losing 50 pounds.  The whole 30 program is actually a great way for you to learn the optimum way for you to eat that will make you feel your best.  For me this has meant continuing to follow the rules of the whole 30 program and staying away from processed foods, sugar, dairy, legumes and alcohol and continuing to eat a diet high in organic fruits, veggies, protein, nuts and seeds.

The first time you do the Whole 30 program it can feel restrictive and like a “diet” but you quickly learn once you start to feel amazing that this kind of eating can be sustainable long term.  If you have more than 15 lbs to lose you won’t be finished after the first 30 days so you won’t be able to go back to your old ways and expect to continue to see results.   The main point of the program is that you will learn a new way of eating that you’ll be able to stick with for life. If you follow the program properly you’ll learn long-term strategies to help you keep weight off and eventually it won’t feel like you are on a diet. 

So if you are in it for the long haul, stick with it.  Use the Whole 30 program as a way to stay motivated but also to learn what the optimum diet is for yourself.  

Here are just a few of the benefits I’ve experienced after doing multiple rounds of the Whole 30 program:

1.  The longer I’ve been on the program the less I’ve thought about the foods I wasn’t eating.  Eventually it has became normal to eat this way and its now part of my everyday routine.  When this happens you know you’ve made a sustainable change that you’ll be able to maintain for the long term.

2.  My cravings are almost eliminated. I have been on many other programs where I was starving by 3:00pm but on this program I’ve almost never been hungry.  It’s mainly because what you are eating is higher in fat than most other diets.  You’ll feel more satisfied by your meals and remain fuller longer thus eliminating cravings.   Trust me, it really works…don’t be afraid of fat.

3.  You’ll sleep like a baby and who doesn’t love a good solid sleep. 

4.  You’ll experience higher energy levels and stronger alertness during your day-to-day routine.  You may even find that you’ll be getting up before your alarm goes off!

5.  You will continue to lose weight!  While its never as easy as the 1st time you do the Whole 30 to lose weight it does continue to come off.  Its defiantly much slower each round but I generally lose about 1 lb each week.

The reality of the Whole 30 program is that it is not a diet.  If you go into the program with the mindset that you are making a long term lifestyle change rather than going on a diet for 30 days it will open up your mind to learning about the effects that different food groups have on your body and mind and it will eventually help you determine what the optimum diet is for you.  Try not to focus on what you’re not eating but rather focus on what you are learning about yourself and the food you eat that will have the most positive effects on your life.  Do this and you’ll be able to continue with the program as long as you need to too reach your goal.

Best of luck to you if you are continuing your journey on the whole 30 program! I hope these little bits of my experience keep you on track and help you reach your own personal goals!