Do you need some eggspiration?  If you are doing the whole 30, I’m pretty sure you are going to be eating a lot of eggs.  I can also guarantee that at some point you will ask yourself if you have exhausted all the possible ways to cook an egg.  Like most people, I also get bored of the egg but that has not stopped me from finding a ridiculous amount of different ways to cook them and make them look pretty.   So as many of you embark on the 2nd week of your January whole 30 I offer you some inspiration from a person who has cooked an eaten a lot of eggs over the past four years.  

Enjoy and happy cracking!

Oeufs French Marche.jpg


The egg is an amazing little package of nutrition.  After many years of being beaten up by the media, the egg is healthy again and that is good news because eggs are a great way to get a ton of nutrients and protein.  Eggs contain a wealth of vital nutrients that can help support health and they are one of the highest quality sources of protein.  They also have a ton of vitamins such as D, B12, B2, and biotin as well as minerals like calcium, selenium, iodine, and phosphorus. So guess what eating this powerful food can do for you? Eating eggs promotes healthy thyroid function, promotes brain health, promotes heart health, promotes eye health and can improve sleep because of the tryptophan they contain.  What more could you ask for from one tiny egg? I say its time to start cooking up some eggs!

The healthiest ways of cooking eggs: 

  • Poached

  • Boiled

Some other ways to cook eggs:

  • Scrambled

  • Fried

  • Omelette

  • Fritatta