Baked PB & J Oatmeal


The struggle is real for me when it comes to eating oats. I enjoy them in cookies and energy balls  but you can’t force me to eat a bowl of porridge. I completely understand all the reasons why I should incorporate more oats in my life as they are packed with nutrients, fiber and they keep you full for a long time. I’ve heard it all but it did not matter to me, the idea of eating anything mushy is just not something I enjoy. The problem is that it’s winter and my almond yogurt, fresh berries and granola does not feel as satisfying when it’s freezing outside. Something about a cold Chicago day just calls for a warm, hearty and comforting breakfast.  I kept thinking about how much I love the crumble topping on berry crisp so why not try to bake the oatmeal with a bunch of the same ingredients and see if that improved the texture of the oats in a way that I would enjoy eating them. I’m happy to report it worked!  This simple recipe is perfect for the single cook and once everything is combined and baked it has the perfect level of natural sweetness and warming texture that served with a cup of green tea is the perfect way to start off your day.

 You could make these in advance and just pop them in them into the oven while you get ready for work in the morning.  I hope you give this a try and let me know what you think!

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes / Serves: 1




  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees

  2. Place ½ cup oats in a shallow dish and pour boiling water over the oats just enough to cover them. Set aside for 10 minutes or until they are soft.

  3. Smash the banana with a fork and mix in the nut butter, cinnamon and a pint of salt.

  4. Combine the oats, banana mixture, almond mylk and maple syrup then gently fold in the frozen blueberries.

  5. Transfer to a baking dish and bake in the oven for 15 minutes or until the top is golden brown.

  6. Sprinkle a little extra maple syrup on top and eat right out of the dish!

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